Ghost Of The Mill is on a mission to resurrect Guitar Rock. Their quest is clear and their formula of Les Pauls & Marshalls, bolstered by a ground-shaking rhythm section is time tested. If it ain't broke, ya know?   

GOTM has quickly become one of Philadelphia’s hottest original rock bands. Over the past few years, they have opened for Crack The Sky at the Ardmore Music Hall, Angel and Liliac at the Sellersville Theater, legendary British Metal Band, Raven, Roxy Blue, Scotty Austin, Wild Street, Silvertung, and Thaddeus Gonzales.  Their quest has taken them from their home base in Philly to the fabled Bitter End in NYC to Atlantic City, Wilmington, Baltimore, and the Lehigh Valley. No stage is too big or too small and they bring it every performance. 

The members of GOTM grew up in the same era and have the same influences from a time when Rock was rawer - when it came directly from the heart - when only the instruments did the talking. Ghost Of The Mill is forging a renaissance of a more genuine musical expression. The band is not trying to sound like anyone else, though the members don't deny their influences rooted deep within their bones. You'll hear it in the band's recordings and witness it onstage during live performances (some ghostly echoes). 

"We feel that there is a place in the music world for the roots and original formulas to be rediscovered. Less is more. Grab your axe, turn it up, let the tubes cook, belt it out from the heart and let the music scream for itself once again. For that's where the pure magic is and forever will be."  

Ghost of the Mill released 6 songs songs on Spotify and all streaming channels. They are back in the studio now with plans to release five new tracks in 2024. 

You can also catch them playing at the best theaters, clubs and dive bars in the Mid-Atlantic If you get the chance to see them live, don't pass it up. You'll be guaranteed a bone-shaking, ass-kicking blast of a time! 


"GOTM is classic, classic rock. Raw, powerful, and well-written tracks. Strong production. Great album rock and definitely ready for prime time. well done." -GigRoster  

"These tracks have a ton of energy. The instrumentation jives with the vocalist and the production is top class. Great tracks!” -HeatWave2020   

"Great stuff! So many of today's metal and hard rock bands seem obsessed with creating with some weird new subgenre -- death/doom/black/melodic/symphonic blah blah blah. It's great to hear somebody just playing classic hard rock and playing it as you do!” - Tinnetist 



Tracks Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Westwires USA by Wayne Becker. 

Photography by Brian Mengini Photography and Matthew Dietrich  

Video by Joey Giordano 

Logo and Artwork by Darker Arts Studio 

Social Media and Web by Juniper St. Consulting

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